Terms and conditions of website use

www.archismarthome.com by Archi-Tronic Co., Ltd. (“The Company”)

1. Scope of responsibility of service provider

1.1 The company is only responsible for providing device connecting services to users through websites. Such devices include interior electrical controlling device in user's home, building or places.
1.2 Our website provides convenience in the use of smart devices to control electricity in user's home, building and places. The use of the service depends on the needs of the user. User must check the correctness before actual application every time. The company reserves the right not to be responsible for legal damages from the use of products and services after the operation of the device has been verified.
1.3 We have terms of privacy policy, whereby we will not disclose your information to the public, except for the use of public relation or as an example of the company's service only. We will request for your consent once again before disclosing the information. You can study further in the topic on “privacy and data transfer policy“ below.
1.4 Service provider will not be responsible for any damages or compensation in case that user is deceived or defraud the property from a third party without any connection with us.
1.5 1.5 Service provider is responsible for providing the services connection through website, so the website operator can contact for more information. However, if you have breached the terms and conditions, we may reserve the right not to provide you our services.

2. Privacy and data transfer policy

The information you provide or transfer through this website is subject to the terms of privacy policy of the company. You may not transfer information from our website for any illegal purposes, such as misrepresentation, defamation or threats, etc., including other content that can cause negative effects. In addition, the company will keep your personal information only for service and device association. They will not be disclosed to the public, except for advertising purposes or for marketing purposes, which we will ask for your consent once again before disclosing the information. Your personal information will be deleted when your consent contract expires or has been revoked.

3. Intellectual property

Products, content, images and service marks on this website are the intellectual property of the company, unless stated to be from another source. You may not copy, download or modify in any or all part of this website.

4. Prohibition of use of this website

You may not misuse, act or promote a criminal offense on this website, and may not connect, transfer, or publish any other malicious content with technological danger, breach of secrecy or trying to make an impact on operation. In case of breach of secrecy occurring, the company will report the violation to the applicable law enforcement agency, and legal action will be taken.

5. Agreement to change terms and conditions

5.1 The company can change policies, terms and conditions of the service without prior notice.
5.2 Service users must accept the changed terms and conditions of the company. In addition, if you continue to use the services on the website after changes of the new terms and conditions have been announced by the company, the company will assume that you have agreed to the new conditions.

6. Disclaimer

Archi Smart Solution and the company, including all staff who work together for connecting smart devices to control the electrical work in a user's home, building or place on the website page www.archismarthome.com or other smart devices that are not related to the service provider or apart from providing invalid service or action in a wrong way, the service provider disclaims any responsibility for the information.

7. How to contact us

If you have any questions or would like to inquire more about our terms and conditions, you can contact us at Email: apps.architronic@gmail.com