Privacy Policy

Archi-Tronic Company Limited (“Company”) as a developer and service provider of ("Website") and Archi Smart Solution ("Application") assures you that the company values all of your personal information. The company guarantees to protect and process personal information with appropriate security measures optimally, and all your information will be kept confidential.

As personal or company users access the website, contact and / or use the services of the company, including when you submit any of your personal information to the company or give any consent to the company under the terms and conditions specified in this personal data policy, the company will assume that you have agreed and accepted to comply with this privacy policy. This privacy policy has additional purposes without replacing or substituting any consent related to personal information terms that you may have previously given to the company.

Please study the privacy policy along with the company's terms of service in detail. If you do not agree to allow the company to process your personal information as stated, the company reserves the right to refuse to provide you with any service as the processing of personal data under this policy is absolutely necessary to perform and provide services for you.

This Privacy Policy is applicable only for the Company's website, contact and/or service. It does not apply to other applications, services or websites linked to the company's website, which belong to third parties and the company has no control over them. For this reason, users have to make an agreement and study the privacy policies that are enforced and announced by such third parties separately.

The company may update this policy from time to time in order to comply with relevant guidelines and laws, and to be consistent with various services provided by the company. The company will notify you of any change by posting the revised policy through the website.

Characteristics of personal information processed by the company for providing services and contacting you

Processing of personal information specified under the terms of this privacy policy is necessary for the operation of our business processes, especially the directly related parts to the provision of services for you as a website user, whether information connection, device communication, wireless device control, various applications services, including the company's planning process for future new services. The needs to process information required by the company are as follows.
1. General information about you and contact, such as name, surname, address, contact address, phone number, email.
2. Information of your usage, such as connection history of information by your device, details of your other activities through website, including service information.

Purpose for personal data collection

Personal information that you provide to the company will be collected and used for a variety of purposes as follows:
1. To provide data connecting services with smart home appliances at users’ homes, buildings and places.
2. To provide mobile application services that connect information with smart home appliances control.
3. Access to the service application, electronic equipment and wireless device.

Disclosure of Personal Information

In principle, your personal information provided to the company will be kept confidential. However, in some cases, your personal information may need to be disclosed to the following individuals for the performance of the contractual duties or according to the law that the company may have for you:
1. Disclosure to the company’s external service providers (which include but are not limited to business partners) that assist the company in providing services for you, such as access to external smart devices that provide essential services for website operation. The company will forward and disclose your personal information only according to the stated purpose on the basis only as needed.
2. Information of the company's service, including personal information of the service users, may be stored in the cloud system (which may be provided by a domestic or international organization). To use the service, the company guarantees a special level of security and confidentiality of your personal information with a risk-appropriate standard.
3. The company may be required to disclose your personal information for the purpose of protecting and defending any rights of the company, or preventing and investigating the nature of misconduct in connection with your service use, which may affect the rights of others. The company guarantees to perform as stated only as needed with the mentioned purpose.
4. In case that the company has legal duties, or be under judgment or orders of government agencies, the company may need to disclose the personal information of the user to such agencies in order to perform their duties under the law. The company will perform as stated only as needed with the mentioned purpose.
5. Other agencies that you have explicitly given consent for the company to disclose such information.

Direct marketing

If you have given your consent to the company, the company may use your personal information to provide information about other products and/or services of the company and/or its affiliates or a business partners, which may be interesting or useful to you, unless you use the right to withdraw the consent.

Rights of the information owner

The company acknowledges and respects the legal rights of service users In connection with your personal information under the control of the company according to the rights determining conditions specified in the law as follows.
1. Rights to request access and obtain a copy of personal information, including the rights to request to update and correct personal information.
2. Rights to receive personal information, in case that the company simplifies personal information for general use by automatic tools or devices, including the rights to request to transmit or transfer the form of data to other Data Controller.
3. Rights to object the processing of personal information.
4. Rights to request for erasure or destruction of personal information to be unidentifiable information when it is no longer necessary or when the consent is withdrawn.
5. Rights to request to suspend the use of personal information in case of personal information that needs to be deleted or be no longer necessary.
6. Rights to withdraw consent of the processing of information provided by service users for the specified purposes.
Service users can contact the company to proceed with application of the rights mentioned above according to the contact details set by the company. The company will consider and notify the result of your request.

Contact details

Service provider details
Name: Archi-Tronic Co., Ltd.
Contact location: 128, Inthra Phon Alley, Phlabphla Sub-district, Wang Thonglang District Bangkok 10310
Contact: +66 2 5381418-9